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At Windstar LPG we are:


With the personality of a local business, we have the far-reaching strategic visions of a large corporation. We own our own transportation trucks, and are continuously expanding, looking for new ways to optimize cross-border exports and sales. Whether you retail in Mexico or the US, our logistics help distribute your product with the least liability and competitively high profit margins.


A solid and skilled propane company with more than 60 years working in this industry, the success and satisfaction of our clients is the reason for continued growth.


Because we’re located on the border, we have experience managing government regulations. All you have to do is sit back and watch your product gain ground.


We look out for our customers. Always open to accessing new routes and launching new opportunities, we adapt ourselves to the ever-changing requirements of our customers and the evolving landscape of the market.


We focus strictly on propane, are fully licensed and insured, and have ample experience handling the legalities of cross-border propane transport.

At Windstar LPG, we make your supply chain needs our number one priority. As a wholesaler and retailer of propane, we can help broaden your market base and boost your bottom line.

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Windstar LPG Strengthens the Future Pipeline of Your Energy Trade

Windstar is a privately held company that although established in 2005, its founders have decades of experience in the propane industry, specialized in buying, selling, moving, and now storing, retail propane and refined fuels between the US and Mexico. We have worked hard to create a solid history with allocation and distribution throughout Northern Mexico, Southeast Texas, Arizona, and Southern California. We’ve fostered a growing market of propane company retail in both countries, and have launched our own storage assets along the border for optimal wholesale distribution which has expanded to include refined fuels.
Presently, our companies are managed through a board of directors that have over 90 years of combined experience in the international and domestic markets. We also participate in the Mexican Association of Propane Distributors called AMEXGAS, which is continuously involved in the government affairs and regulation of our industry.

About Us

Strategic transportation, sales, and distribution is our expertise, and our product fuels our country and our lives. As your partner in this industry, Windstar LPG is a leader in the future of energy.