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Our Fuel, Your Future

Energy inspires Windstar and moves the world! It builds, creates and powers businesses to be more efficient. We daily rely on energy to fuel more than just our vehicles. By making energy easily accessible, you build a foundation of trust and loyalty between your customers and yourself.

As your partner in Refined Fuel distribution, you can count on Windstar to take your business to the next level. Together, we can build a solution that expands your contributions, elevates your profitability, and fuels your future. Now servicing New Mexico and Texas.

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Unbranded Retail
Gasoline and Diesel

Windstar's unbranded retail gives you access to a guaranteed supply of quality fuel and wholesale rates without all of the requirements of our Windstar branded option.

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Gas Stations

Complete with advertising assistance and additive packages, enhance your retail program and offer competitive prices by harnessing the power of the Windstar brand.

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Storage and Distribution
Propane, Gasoline & Diesel

Our inside access into Mexico puts us at the forefront of cross-border propane distribution. Tap into the opportunities of this high-demand market with Windstar at your back.

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Market Leadership
and Last Mile Delivery

Develop a pipeline to boosted profits when you partner with Windstar, a leader in purchasing, transportation, storage, and sales of propane gas and refined fuels.

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Your Passport to Lifecycle Cross-Border Propane and Fuel Solutions

Claim your territory in a growing market when you partner with us for the purchase, transport, and sales of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and refined products across North America.


Why Trust Windstar?

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The Best of Both Worlds

At Windstar, we believe that service is the key to success. We understand people make a difference, which is why our unique model offers the personal attention of a local business along with logistics and networking capabilities of a Corporation. With Key professionals in the field every day and a growing network of transportation, we guarantee we can meet your needs.

Extensive Experience

When it comes to our industry, Windstar has the knowledge. With over 60 years of combined experience, our Propane and Refined fuels teams go in-depth to deliver successful outcomes.

Dedicated and Flexible

We know the market can fluctuate each day. Rest assure we’ll keep your business up to date with our marketing strategies, coordination and exceptional service.


Our logistics, marketing strategies, and emphasis on exceptional service keep your business competitive in a constantly changing market.

Specialized and Secure

Our border location has strengthened our experience around negotiating government regulations, which eliminates your liability across the border. We are fully licensed and insured – making us the top choice for expanding your business and maximizing profits.

Discover your potential in the pipeline. Call or email us today to learn more.